My NEW Favorite Foot Cream!

I am always searching for the perfect foot moisturizing cream, and there are hundreds of different types on the market.  When your heels are very dry and cracked (i.e., when you have actual fissures), you need a different cream than when your heels are just rough, but not cracked.

For cracks, you need a thick cream with a lot of humectant (such as urea, aloe), in order to accelerate the healing process. For rough skin, you need a lighter cream with more emollients (which includes plant-based butter and oil (e.g., shea butter)

Always use your HealaheelCupTM in conjunction with a good quality foot cream. Devoid of sebaceous glands, the soles of your feet are naturally dry. It is therefore important to moisturize them daily.

 1.      Flexitol Heel Balm (with Urea)

This is my NEW number one repair cream. It contains 25% Urea (more than any other cream I have come across) which is a well-known humectant. It also contains Lanolin (12.5%). As moisturizers, humectants work by attracting water to the upper layer of the skin. Urea works well, but it is an expensive ingredient, which is why this cream costs more than many others.  You will immediately notice the high level of Urea because the cream is very thick – which I really like when I have cracks – but it is non-greasy, and fast-absorbing.

Flexitol’s advertising states, in part:

This formula contains 25% chemically synthesized Urea in a highly concentrated, moisturizing and emollient base to soften dry and cracked feet. The combination of emollient ingredients actively replenishes moisture deep below the surface of the skin, promoting visibly healthier skin in just one day.

Flexitol also states that this cream is suitable for the skin care of diabetics.

It is fragrance-free, so no smell, and free of SLS or parabens.


and video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zu88Mbb380o

Always Remember

Whichever cream you choose, it won’t really work unless you can keep the cream on your skin.  Podiatrists recommend that you use a plastic bag, or a sock, or petroleum jelly to keep the cream on your heel.  OR, you can use the ultimate repair tool – our unique HealaheelCupTM - the perfect way to lock in your favorite moisturizing foot cream!   

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