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Hi, my name is William, and I have struggled with dry, cracked, sore heels ever since I was a teenager!
I love to run, and the running doesn’t help my dry skin! Especially since I live in Canada where the cold, dry air during our winter months is particularly hard on my heels!

Bottom line, my heels have always been rough and cracked. Every so often the cracks get so bad that I am in real pain! (Fun Fact 1: that horrible picture of a dry heel with deep cracks, like ravines, which you see when you land on our website is, yes, MY heel!) ☹

OK, so why am I telling you all this? Well, because I want to share with you the simple, but effective, solution that I have invented, and which has solved my pain. I believe it will also solve your heel issues.


You see, I did a lot of research and I went to numerous podiatrists and I asked for their help. All of them told me I needed to hydrate my heels daily. I mean REALLY hydrate my heels. They advised me to rub the cream in to each heel for at least 5 minutes per night, per heel (try it and see how long five minutes feels like when you are rubbing cream into your heels). On top of that, they told me to wear a plastic bag, with an elastic band around the ankle, or a sock, or sometimes they said wear a plastic bag AND a sock, and keep it on all night. The theory being that the bag or sock helps ensure that the cream is absorbed by your skin and not rubbed off on your sheets.


Now, I don’t know about you, and I am not here to judge your personal life, but I think wearing a plastic bag and/or a sock in bed is BOTH uncomfortable and really, really ICKY! #unsexy. So, I figured there had to be a better way….
That’s when I realised that I needed a soft, comfortable heel cup that I could wear all night, that would avoid the need to rub the cream in for ages and which would ensure MAXIMUM hydration all night.

I could not find anything suitable on the market to heal my heels, so I decided to make my own. I started with a Plaster of Paris mold of my own heel. After several prototypes, I realised that it needed a stretchy strap to keep the heel cup in place. That is how Heal-a-Heel ™ and the Heal Cup ™ were born. Fun Fact 2: Every Heal Cup ™ we sell is modelled from that original mold of MY foot, but now we have various sizes to suit everyone.


Finally, we needed the right material. And here is where the latest technology came into play. Our Heal Cup™ is made from the newest, food grade, silicone – it is environmentally friendly, washable and re-usable (unlike single use plastic or sticky rubber). The silicone is super smooth, very comfortable and ideal for ensuring that ALL the cream you apply is absorbed into your skin.

I use my Heal Cup™ regularly now and both of my heels have cleared up beautifully!
Using your Heal Cup™ is really easy. Rub your favorite foot repair cream liberally into your heel. Place the Heal Cup™ on your foot, using the silicone strap to secure it in place. The cup will ensure maximum hydration is delivered to your heel while you sleep, or watch TV…so go on, order your Heal Cup™ today and then put your feet up!

Yours, William

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