Heal Cup™


Heal Cup™ - HealAHeel - Natural Dry Heel Solution
Heal Cup™ - HealAHeel - Natural Dry Heel Solution Heal Cup™ - HealAHeel - Natural Dry Heel Solution Heal Cup™ - HealAHeel - Natural Dry Heel Solution Heal Cup™ - HealAHeel - Natural Dry Heel Solution Heal Cup™ - HealAHeel - Natural Dry Heel Solution Heal Cup™ - HealAHeel - Natural Dry Heel Solution


✔️ Patent Pending Technology

✔️ Easy to use - compatible with your favorite cream

✔️ Up to 5x Improvement in Moisturization - keep your cream in place, working on you for hours

✔️ Sleep easy every night - never catches on bedsheets

If you've ever been to a podiatrist about your cracked heels, you'll know that most will advise you to treat your heels at home, by slathering on a thick coating of foot cream...

...and then they tell you to slip on a pair of socks (or a plastic bag!) to maximize skin penetration and avoid getting lotion all over your sheets... Wait! What?

Yes, that is totally ICK! #unsexy

Fear not, HealAHeel™ offers a much better way.

Simply wear our comfortable Heal Cup™ at home, or in bed, to lock in lotion and maximize hydration to fix your dry, cracked heels.

🦶 Sizing:

Our sizing is a rough guide to finding your perfect Heal Cups™. The most important measurement is not the length of your foot (as with shoe size), but the circumference of your ankle and the width of your heel, which is challenging to measure accurately. We back all of our Heal Cups™ with a love your heels guarantee ❤️ ! If you don't love the fit, we'll send you our other size free and even refund your order if you still don't love the way your heels feel! 😊

Medium Size: Typically best for shoe size US Women's 9 or below and US Men's 10 or below

Large Size: Typically best for shoe size US Women's 10 or US Men's 11 and above. LARGE IS THE BEST SIZE FOR WIDE FEET OR HIGH ARCHES

🚚  Shipping:

We have 13 fulfillment centers across the USA and 7 across Canada. Your Heal Cups™ will be shipped from the closest available fulfillment center. Free shipping speed is typically 1 - 3 days in USA and 2 - 5 days in Canada.

Customer Reviews

Based on 192 reviews
Lori M.
Happy Heels!

Bought these for my husband and son who get large cracks on their heels. They both have large feet (size 11.5 and 12), and the large size go on easily and are comfortable. They really like them and think they are helping.

Suzanne Huber
Works great!

I live in the desert where we live in flip flops. It’s very hot and dry here. My heels weren’t just cracked, they were always bleeding. They have never been worse. I started wearing socks, but it wasn’t helping. Plus, when I was sleeping, I would get so hot, I’d remove my socks in my sleep. I was so excited to try these. I followed the directions on the package. Before bed, I soaked my feet and used a pumice stone to remove some of the excess dried skin. I lathered my heels with my favorite foot lotion. I wore these for two nights, and my feet were healed. I’m using them for maintenance once a week now. Remember, you can’t walk in them, so it’s better to wear them to bed.

Bogdan Klopocki

I was definitely skeptical about purchasing another online product. Heal a Heel has advertised great, clean and simplistic so, I thought - why not give it a go. This is one of the best online products I have ever purchased. And, IT WORKS! I have always had bad cracked heels. This has been embarrassing especially in the summer, when I want to wear my beautiful sandals. No more worrying about my unsightly heels. I can put on my beautiful shoes and never worry about my dry, cracked feet. My pedicures last longer and my feet look as though I just had them done. And I didn't even mention about the customer service. Outstanding. My first order - the product felt a bit tight. I contacted customer service and immediately I was sent another size. No harassment and no questions asked. Since then, I have purchase 3 other pairs as gifts for my husband and friends. He loves it too. My pedicurist actually noticed how smooth my heels felt. Now, I must say, that is a first. Heal a Heel is a must. You can't go wrong.

Vanessa Rivera
Amazing 🤩

So I ordered 4 large (makes awesome gift) but quickly realized that the large was a bit too big. I can use with socks but prefer a smaller size. After contacting the company I was informed that they would send me the medium. Customer service was on point! Please please make one for toes & elbows….I’ve suffered from dry skin on & off the last few years!! I’ve used the large for the last two days and have already seen improvement on my dry cracked heels….Thank You 😀

Kimberlee Rix
This really works!

I went to bed the first night with some lotion and the healaheels on. Woke up next morning with most of the cracks gone. Great product!

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