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NanoGlass Foot File™ - HealAHeel
NanoGlass Foot File™ - HealAHeel NanoGlass Foot File™ - HealAHeel NanoGlass Foot File™ - HealAHeel NanoGlass Foot File™ - HealAHeel NanoGlass Foot File™ - HealAHeel

✔️ Perfect to pair with your Heal Cups™ to fix your dry heels 🦶

✔️ One foot file will last you a lifetime with Never Dull Technology™

✔️ Easy to use - gently rub against your heels to smooth away dry skin

✔️ Never worry about cleaning - easy to wash under the tap in under 30 seconds ⏰

🚚  Shipping

We have 13 fulfillment centers across the USA and 7 across Canada. Your NanoGlass Foot File™ will be shipped from the closest available fulfillment center. Free shipping speed is typically 1 - 3 days in USA and 2 - 5 days in Canada.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Best Foot File

This file is amazing! It works like a charm, is easy to use, and I love that it can be easily cleaned. Goodbye to other files and pumice stones. I will never use anything else.

Excellent product - great customer service

Works so well to smooth out the roughness without hurting the skin. I was shocked! Bought more for friends.

Monica Eddy
Instantly better!

No more rough scrubbing, double scrubbing, balancing in the shower… I can use this one anytime, anywhere for instantly smooth feet. I’m buying lots for Christmas gifts!

Paula Hernandez
The best foot file I’ve had

I couldn’t believe how smooth the foot file left my feet! Not sure how it works but it does! I’ve purchased many foot files and this one works the best. It leaves your feet smooth and it’s painless.

Sandi T.
Absolutely Incredible Results at 46 years old ❤️🎈

I have been dealing with progressively worse cracked heals in my forties. It got to the point earlier this year where I had basically resigned my efforts at presentable heels, shopping only for sandals that covered the heal with a stylish zipper back (luckily in style these days). Yes I had tried all of the daily habits of pumicing and creaming my heals before and bed and again every morning. Yes I had found a somewhat effective result from daily scrubs in the shower using a metal heel file… but still the cracks would be there in the weekend sunlight whilst I relaxed on the lounge chair… and then one day this add came across my FB feed, showing the heal a heel set of the silicone heal cup and Nano glass foot file. I pretty much dismissed the foot file entirely, assuming it was just a handy little stone shaped version of my current metal file. But when the set arrived and I tried the foot file for the first time in the shower, I was entirely amazed by its efficacy. Never before with any other device have I ever seen the dead skin roll away so easily and effectively. I swear to God in three days of using that little nano file thing my heel cracks were 100% demolished, with soft baby skin appearing for the first time in a decade. This is one of those things (very few) in life you come across that really have an impact. I’ll be honest, I didn’t love the heel cups because I felt oddly claustrophobic in them, and they made my feet sweat a bit. But the purchase was soooooooo worth discovering the nanoglass file, as the heel cups were actually the only thing I thought would work. I cannot more highly recommend anything more than this file for deep cracked heels. Use this in the shower every other day for a few days, being careful not to over file your skin down to the raw bits, and then apply cream to the area. I don’t know why or how this foot file works a million times better than any other similar device, but I do know that you will absolutely witness a miracle. :)

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