NanoGlass Foot File™


NanoGlass Foot File™ - HealAHeel
NanoGlass Foot File™ - HealAHeel NanoGlass Foot File™ - HealAHeel NanoGlass Foot File™ - HealAHeel NanoGlass Foot File™ - HealAHeel NanoGlass Foot File™ - HealAHeel

✔️ Perfect to pair with your Heal Cups™ to fix your dry heels 🦶

✔️ One foot file will last you a lifetime with Never Dull Technology™ 

✔️ Easy to use - gently rub against your heels to smooth away dry skin 

✔️ Never worry about cleaning - easy to wash under the tap in under 30 seconds ⏰


🚚  Shipping:

We have 13 fulfillment centers across the USA and 7 across Canada. Your NanoGlass Foot File™ will be shipped from the closest available fulfillment center. Free shipping speed is typically 1 - 3 days in USA and 2 - 5 days in Canada.

Customer Reviews

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Mike Cowan
Amazing File!

I was dubious about this file when I purchased it, but thought "what the heck" and bought it anyway. The glass file surface is incredibly sharp but at a very fine level; I haven't had a file before that sanded my calluses down as well as this did, and some of those microplane graters with other pedicure tools can shave too deep and cause cuts if you work them too hard. This is definitely a file and not a grater, but it works much better than sandpaper pads.

Lori M.
Happy husband!

My husband has had and tried a lot of foot files. He is very pleased with this one. Thinks it does a great job and files a very fine amount of skin at a time.

It Works!!

I was skeptical but with
hope when I purchased these. Within 2 days of wearing these each night my heels are crack free! Well worth every Penny ! O and they are comfortable to sleep in.

Sara Thompson
So easy to use

Ok, so after much hesitation, I went out on a limb and ordered the Heel Cups and this foot file because I have a problem picking my heels. I live in the desert of Arizona and they get all cracked when I wear sandals (i.e. all summer). Once they start cracking, I compulsively pick at them and my heels get understandably sore. I had a foot file from the Body Shop, but it was such a pain in the neck to use it because I had to use so much force to try and file the callouses. It made me not want to do it, and so I just lived with my terrible heels all summer. THIS. FILE. IS. AMAZING. The nano glass made filing my feet super easy, using very little strength. The contour of it fits easily in my hand, and I could even get the rough spot that extends upward from my heel along the outside of my arch. When I was done, all I had to do was rinse the file. Easy peasy. If something is too hard or awkward, I just won't do it. Now I feel I can actually take good care of my feet with this file and not have it be this huge production. Excited to try the Heel Cups tonight and I am sure that they will work just as great! Thank you so much for creating this much-needed product!!

This works!!

These really work! My heels were always cracked. Noticed a big difference after 1 night, fully healed after 5! Amazing!

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