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Heal Cups™ Healing Cup HealAHeel
Heal Cups™ Healing Cup HealAHeel Heal Cups™ Healing Cup HealAHeel Heal Cups™ Healing Cup HealAHeel Heal Cups™ Healing Cup HealAHeel Heal Cup™ - HealAHeel - Natural Dry Heel Solution Heal Cup™ - HealAHeel - Natural Dry Heel Solution

✔️ Patent Pending Technology

✔️ Easy to use - compatible with your favorite cream

✔️ Up to 5x Improvement in Moisturization - keep your cream in place, working on you for hours

✔️ Sleep easy every night - never catches on bedsheets

If you've ever been to a podiatrist about your cracked heels, you'll know that most will advise you to treat your heels at home, by slathering on a thick coating of foot cream...

...and then they tell you to slip on a pair of socks (or a plastic bag!) to maximize skin penetration and avoid getting lotion all over your sheets... Wait! What?

Yes, that is totally ICK! #unsexy

Fear not, HealAHeel™ offers a much better way.

Simply wear our comfortable Heal Cup™ at home, or in bed, to lock in lotion and maximize hydration to fix your dry, cracked heels.

🦶 Sizing

Our sizing is a rough guide to finding your perfect Heal Cups™. The most important measurement is not the length of your foot (as with shoe size), but the circumference of your ankle and the width of your heel, which is challenging to measure accurately. We back all of our Heal Cups™ with a love your heels guarantee ❤️ ! If you don't love the fit, we'll send you our other size free and even refund your order if you still don't love the way your heels feel! 😊

Medium Size: Typically best for shoe size US Women's 9 or below and US Men's 10 or below

Large Size: Typically best for shoe size US Women's 10 or US Men's 11 and above. LARGE IS THE BEST SIZE FOR WIDE FEET OR HIGH ARCHES

🚚  Shipping

We have 13 fulfillment centers across the USA and 7 across Canada. Your Heal Cups™ will be shipped from the closest available fulfillment center. Free shipping speed is typically 1 - 3 days in USA and 2 - 5 days in Canada.

Customer Reviews

Based on 222 reviews
Brianna C
Fabulous Customer Service

My husband has very large feet so I took a gamble and tried the large. They worked amazingly well for his heels, but were much too snug for the top of his feet. I asked customer service about their return policy and they replied very quickly and gave me a refund for the product. My husband is looking forward to trying out their new larger size when it is available! It’s a great product, even better customer service, and I’m happy to hear they are expanding their selection to include giant feet.

Lisa Trueax
Heal a heel works great

Works with my favorite foot salve perfectly. No more greasy sheets! Thanks Heal A Heel!

Kathy Selchert
comfy fit

I am somewhat concerned it will not hold its shape. Definitely works on healing heals.

Mary Kundert
Amazing customer service!!!

Emailed and ask how about getting a smaller size and they shipped them right out !!! Fit like a dream now!!!!!

Susan B
Fit perfect , well made

Arrived today, very impressed with the quality. Can't wait to use tonight!

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