How To Fix Your Dry Cracked Heels – Easy as 1-2-3!

This post discusses, how to use the HealAHeel™ proprietary Heal Cup™ (patent pending) to repair your dry, cracked, sore heals.

Most podiatrists advise you to treat your dry heels at home by slathering on a thick coating of foot cream (to moisturize), then a layer of petroleum jelly (to seal in the moisturizer)…..and then slipping on a pair of cotton socks (or a plastic bag) over the lotions, so that they won't soak into your sheets, and to maximize penetration into your skin….Wait! What?

Yes, that is really YUCKIE! #unsexy

Now, using the latest soft, food-grade silicone we have created the ultimate heel repair device. Simply wear the comfortable, patent-pending Heal Cup™ at home, or in bed, to maximize hydration and fix your dry, cracked heels.

The Heal Cup will maximize the penetration and absorption of your favorite foot repair cream.

Step 1: file off as much dry skin, on your heel, as is comfortable, using a foot file

Step 2: Rub your favorite foot repair cream into your heel, in the desired quantity, and place the Heal Cup on your heel (Check out my 10 favorite foot creams here)

Step 3: Use the Silicone Strap to secure the Heal Cup™ in place and leave it on while watching TV and/or sleeping in bed at night (the Heal Cup ensures the cream goes into your heel, not your sheets)

You may also file your heels in the morning, after wearing the Heal Cup all night.

Please note that our Heal Cup™ is meant to be used together with your preferred cream or oil (e.g., coconut oil) to moisturize your heel over long periods, (especially sleeping, with our catch-free coating that won't tug your bedsheets). The Heal Cup™ helps speed the healing process by keeping the cream or oil working for hours instead of minutes, ensuring you get the full effect, and no wiping the cream off as you move.


  1. We do not advise wearing the Heal Cup™ inside your shoes – it is not designed for you to walk around in during the day (it may cause discomfort or irritation)
  2. Care – gently wash the Heal Cup and Silicone Strap in warm soapy water – it can also be boiled for short periods. Do not expose it to heat sources, such microwaves (they may melt or deform)
  3. Use daily for the first 7 evenings/nights and as needed afterward

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