NEW! Healaheel Foot File - Nano Glass, Lifetime Strength!

Healaheel® now offers a revolutionary new, high-tech, glass foot file.  The file perfectly complements our Healaheel Heel Cup™.

Old School Files

Pumice stones and foot files are two exfoliation products that help to soften the calluses and remove dry or rough skin on your feet.

A pumice stone is a natural stone that results from volcanic eruptions, when lava and water mix together and set in a foamy rock. A foot file is a man-made product that literally “files” off the dry and rough skin. Files have traditionally been made of metal (like a cheese grater) or emery. Emery, or corundite, is a dark granular rock used to make abrasive powder. It largely consists of corundum (aluminum oxide), mixed with other minerals.

In both cases the hand-held device works like sandpaper, removing tough, dead skin and smoothing it down.

But pumice stones and emery boards quickly lose their effectiveness because each time you use it, you rub off some of the stone surface, along with your skin.  Also, neither pumice stones (which are full of little holes), nor emery boards are easy to clean.

Even more seriously, a metal cheese grater style file - you know, the metal tool with super-sharp stainless steel blades - can be positively dangerous! Not only can it remove far too much skin the utensil often slips and grazes other parts of your tender foot! In fact, cheese grater foot files are banned from salons in many US states because it can not only injure you, but also spread infection.  Grating away too much skin will basically open up the area to bacteria, fungus, and yeast.

The secret is to find a foot file that is tough enough to tackle stubborn corns and dry skin, without damaging the new, healthy skin underneath.

Why our file is different

The Healaheel® foot file is the perfect alternative to an old-fashioned pumice stone, a flimsy emery board, or a harsh metal scraper.

Our beautiful nano glass foot file will gently remove hard skin and calluses, without damaging the underlying skin. The elegantly curved body is easy to hold (so it doesn’t slip) and the abrasive surface is very durable, as it is made of tempered glass.

Our glass file is also extremely hygienic, as the file can be easily cleaned. No more cuts, no more accidental abrasions, and no more fear of infection.

Our foot files come in an elegant silver colour together with the Healaheel® logo on top.

The file works perfectly in conjunction with our unique Healaheel® Heel Cups (patent pending) and our deep nourishing foot masks, to eliminate those expensive salon visits!

Dry or Wet?

This is largely a matter of personal choice. Even if you decide to soak your feet first, you should towel dry them before filing. Generally, emery board and cheese grater style files work better on dry feet. The beauty of the Healaheel® nano glass file is that is can be used in the shower or on dry feet.

We recommend - wash first, dry, then file, wash again, dry, apply cream, put on your Healaheel® Heel Cup, (sleep soundly!)

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